Is our body a CAR?

Many will scoff at the mere mention because for them it is like comparing GOD with Henry Ford.

Well I never intend to do so. But on the plain inspection of both there are similarities;

Car runs, humans too

Car has engine and burns fuel and produces energy to run, humans too

car can take people around, mothers do

car taken oxygen is and carbon dioxide out, humans too

car is polluting so does humans

Well there are many more similarities, but leaving it to your imagination and comments.

The moot point here is a car needs continuous maintenance to ensure it remains in good health to run and not stall. Do we need the same for humans also.

The answer is a overwhelmingly ‘YES’.


Because the body also has lots of wear and tear in the daily routine of life and has this remarkable ability to repair itself.

But over a period of time and because of excesses we commit on body and mind the balance is not maintained. External factors like pollution and adulterated food and contaminated water adds fuel to the fire.

So we all need to continuously monitor our body functioning through routine pathological tests and visit to the family physician.

As we all spend 1000-2000 every month on our car, we must seriously look at spending some part of it on our body and mind.

Hope to live longer.


About Anuj Agarwal

I am a professional with varied working experience of more than 18 years in India, USA and Middle East. My areas of work and interest are Information Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health and Wellness. Please feel free to contact me through the blog or write me at
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  1. Red Wines says:

    It’s going to be ending of mine day, but before ending I am reading this impressive paragraph to improve my knowledge.

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