Diabetes scare in youngsters @23 and less than 40 at health camp by healthsewak.com

105 noida 003

Healthsewak.com is working in the field of preventive health management and is organizing free health check up camps as part of our endeavor to provide affordable health care to all.

In our recent health camp we found people in their 20s and 30s having very high level of blood sugar level and they were just not aware if they are suffering from this high level of blood sugar. They were apparently healthy with no tale tale signs generally associated with this disease.

In two cases the blood sugar level was in excess of 450 mg/dL.

In our health camp following facilities were provided.

Free Dental Check up.

Free Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Check up.

50% discount on blood sugar monitors and blood pressure monitors.

11% discount on medicines and free home delivery in noida.

Advice on diet and healthy life style.

Dental Wellness Centre, Noida and  RWA, Sector 105, Express Apartment partnered with healthsewak.com to make this event a success.

Residents in big numbers attended the check up camp and took advantage of the facilities provided in the camp.



About Anuj Agarwal

I am a professional with varied working experience of more than 18 years in India, USA and Middle East. My areas of work and interest are Information Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health and Wellness. Please feel free to contact me through the blog or write me at agarwalanuj@yahoo.com
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