Corporate and Cyber Law update

Corporate and Cyber Law update.


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  1. FrancisBrawn says:

    The crew of the NAG DATACENTER AG in Nuremberg opens a creative Internet repair provider.

    The NAG DATACENTER AG in Nuremberg which has originated in 2016 from the Netdiscounter GmbH was done in August, 2017 by means of criminal activities of the managing on of directors Jochen Grau in the insolvency. When Mr. Grau had originate an investor in place of his torture society Netdiscounter GmbH, he remained active furthermore as a board of directors. The catalogue of the reproaches with shoplifting, manipulation and abstraction against Mr. Grau is not undiminished yet.

    The auxiliary-wise board of directors used after Mr. Grau Dr. Poehler could stabilise the enthusiasm, until it came then 1st of August, 2017 to a renewed commotion which is charged with man grey. At form this led to the home of lively activities, however, cash-drawer this daytime produces the NAG DATACENTER AG after all customers who had already changed clothes up to this conditions thoroughly your achievements.

    To unwind the NAG DATACENTER AG, but silently the attendance is to be continued as a remedy for continuance customers without prosody caesura and also to be infatuated up again new customers the these days party him GNAW Nuremberg DATACENTER today underwater the Namen NUE DATACENTER AG i. F. active. The scheme announced that with 16 employees and the just now timber members a proven rig acts and has reached own infrastructure since 2017 an availability from 100%.

    In distinguish to from the Netdiscounter to resulted ones GNAW it is spread about sooner than the most with it hardware and the newest computer centres thus from the inception on warmly ready solutions. The contemporary proposal NUE DATACENTER is officially launched from the mean of the year.

    The price of the customers injured in August, 17 lies with 5-6%. Dr. Robert Poehler and his lawyers knowledgeable that you encouragement all injured customers extensively before the keenness of your claims against Mr. Grau.

    Within the area of the lawful chink NUE DATACENTER will prize in each for fear that b if 30,000 Domains including to 3-year-old Hosting unshackle of charge. Then again facts is found on the cobweb epoch of the NUE DATACENTER AG.

    From here, finding of the chic alliance remains weiterin Nuremberg. On top of everything else, NUE DATACENTER is in a giant trade area with instruct nearness to the Nuremberg airport and is opened with a overall of 4 Carriern.

    Aside from dissimilar million euros was invested in the construction and the supply.

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